Complete Hotmail Backup Tool

Archieve Complete Hotmail/Outlook Mailbox with Draft, Calenders, Address book, MS Word, MS Excel, PPT, skype, One Note and One Drive instantly.

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Top Features in Hotmail Backup Software

A number of Top Features that Makes the Hotmail Backup Utility Advanced

Additional Features in Hotmail Backup Application

move email from Hotmail to computer
Export Complete Hotmail Mailbox

Hotmail backup tool not only move email from Hotmail to computer, but also export Hotmail mail including Junk, Journals, Draft, Spam items, Outbox, starred messages etc. to local hard drive system.

transfer Hotmail drive in multi-formats
Multiple Formats Expoter

Hotmail email backup software are also called multi-Formats exporter because it is capable to export Hotmail mail in multiple format i.e. PST, EML, MSG and MBOX.

archive Hotmail messages with additionals
Backup Additional Data

Hotmail backup utility not only move email from Hotmail to your PC, but also backup additional data including calender, contact, excel, ppt, Wordpad and one drive etc.

access Hotmail email from multiple accounts
Download Multi-account data

Hotmail email migration applications can easily download Hotmail emails from multiple Hotmail account with single backup Hotmail mailbox utility and can archive Hotmail messages without size limitations.

download Hotmail emails in Multi-languages
Multi Lingral options

Backup Hotmail mailbox tool supports 6 different languages i.e English, French, Dutch, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish to move email from Hotmail to your local device.

access Hotmail email with filters
Apply filters option

Hotmail Backup tool provide Filter option for selective backup process. By using this option user can download only required data which saves user time and bandwidth.

Hotmail mail migration Maintain Hisory
Maintain Hisory information

Archive Hotmail messages utility preserve history information for future requirements in which it keeps the record of last moved email from Hotmail to computer system.

transfer hotmail drive with less bandwidth
Save bandwidth speed

Hotmail email migration application save bandwidth speed during the transfer of emails from Hotmail to computer, by throttle setting options it also define time and total bandwidth speed to transfer Hotmail drive process.

access Hotmail emails live
Download with live display

Hotmail backup tool, Download Outlook data in PST format with live display feature. While exporting Hotmail emails it display their Counts, Rate, Progress, Current folder name, destination path also.

download hotmail emails with pause/resume
Pause and Resume Facility

Archive Hotmail messages utility has Pause and Resume Facility, which gives freedom to user, to download hotmail emails according to their time and bandwidth availability.

access hotmail email to computer
Desired Destination Facility

Archive Hotmail messages utility, provides the desired destination facility to move email from Hotmail to computer system with naming conventions facility, which makes easy to access Hotmail email.

download Hotmail emails in Original status
Maintain integrity of Data

Hotmail email migration application, transfer Hotmail drive with their meta descriptions and heading preservations without any changes and also maintain their integrity with their original status.


  • Windows OS : Windows 8 and all below version (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • Processor : 1 GHz Processor (2.4 GHz is recommended)
  • RAM : 512 MB (1 GB is recommended)
  • Disk Space : 15 MB free space for installation

Demo Limit – Download your First 100 Hotmail Emails data Free in demo version and export complete Hotmail Account data after purchasing Hotmail backup tool.

Customer Reviews

"I was frustrated to use so many Hotmail email migration application to access Hotmail emails, from older version of Hotmail account, but trying Hotmail backup tool, I was completely agree to purchase this tool, because it does not only export Hotmail messages from older version of Hotmail account, but also backup Hotmail mailbox with additional data without any long procedure."

Sanchaita Jain - Pune, Maharashtra

"This archive Hotmail messages utility helped me to backup Hotmail mailbox data with my one drive. Now I can easily access Hotmail data to my computer any time , which is not possible by any other Hotmail backup tool. Thank you! Hotmail backup team for developing this tool"

Rohan Mori - Pune, Maharashtra

Necessary FAQ's Product

Yes, This Hotmail backup mailbox software gives you the provision to pause and resume the archive Hotmail messages process in case of network connection unavailability.
Yes, you can export Hotmail Mail with additional data like: contacts, calendar, MS Word, MS Excel, PPT, OneNote, and One Drive with their original status of data to local system.
No, you cannot Export another domain data using this Hotmail backup tool, it is specific to access Hotmail email, you can use another backup email tools for another domain. But you can transfer Hotmail drive with all data from multiple Hotmail account.
No, but you need to login the system for your MS Hotmail backup, but we do not share account credentials to others, because we understand the risk of lost credentials. You can use this Hotmail backup tool without any hesitation.
Hotmail migration application provides PST, MSG, MBOx, And EML format to export Hotmail data and also provides 5 different languages i.e. French, Dutch, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish to transfer Hotmail drive data to any other file format.
Data filters are used for Manage and shorten the backup process, when you set the data filters, you can download only specified data and rest data are not downloaded.

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A number of Effective Features to move Emails from Hotmail to Local Drive

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How to Backup?

Learn How to Backup Hotmail mailbox by following Simple steps.

Go to start >> All Programs >> Hotmail backup software >> Launch and Run the backup Hotmail mailbox software.

run archive Hotmail messages utility

This is the first interface of Hotmail mail migration utility. Select the Language and enter the credentials for login into Hotmail backup software

Hotmail backup tool login

Select Backup options for initiate Hotmail mail migration application process.

Options:- Select the formats options i,e. PST(Microsoft Outlook), MSG(Microsoft Outlook), MBOX(apple mail/Thunderbird) and EML(Rfc822 standard) to download Hotmail emails.

access Hotmail email in multiple formats

Next, Browse the Destination where you what to transfer Hotmail drive in local system.

transfer Hotmail drive to Hotmail drive

Hotmail mail migration application provides additional options "Delete After downloaad" to delete data from other Hotmail account after moving email from Hotmail to computer.

export Hotmail email with additionals

Apply Filters is an advanced option used to shorten the data according to requirement in Hotmail backup tool.

Using apply filter, select the list of Hotmail data you want to backup and set the time intervals “From” and “To” date, where you want to access Hotmail email in PST format and Extra data are automatically filtered.

access hotmail email with filters

Use Preference, to reduce internet bandwidth speed and through this you can save time. Hotmail email migration utility provides throttle settings options to define “Internal bandwidth” and “Time Intervals” which is used in backup process.

Internal bandwidth:- Define the limit of data in Kbps and Mbps consumption in download Hotmail emails process.

Time Interval:- Define the time interval to download Outlook data in PST process

Hotmail Account backup save bandwidth

Once completed all Supplymentary requirements. Click on Start to transfer Hotmail drive from hotmail to the loacl PC.

start archive Hotmail messages process

Hotmail backup utility live display all download Hotmail emails with their Percentage, Current Folder Name, Item Counts, Rate, Destination Folder Path and Status Progress.

export Hotmail mail with live dispaly

MS Hotmail backup tool provides an option to access Hotmail email with Pause and Resume. User can Pause and Resume data in case of network unavailability.

pause and resume transfer Hotmail drive

At last, when export Hotmail mail to PST format process is completed, a pop up will appear to show “download completed successfully” status.

successful move emails from Hotmail

User can check their downloaded Hotmail emails data in Browse Destination to confirm the archive hotmail messages to computer system.

check move email from Hotmail