Complete AOL Backup Tool

Download AOL messages with Trash, Draft, IM Chats, etc. folders in Multiple Format like PST, MSG, EML, MBOX, PDF to Local Drive easily

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Top Features in AOL Backup Software

A number of Top Features that makes the AOL Backup Tool Advanced

Additional Features in AOL Mail Backup Tool

completely move AOL folders

Export AOL Mailbox

AOL mail backup software transfer AOL emails of singe/multiple user account. Tool easily transfer emails with Inbox, Draft, Sent Items, Trash, etc. instantly to local drive.

Save AOL emails in multiple formats

Export in Multiple Formats

AOL backup tool enable the software to backup AOL mail folders in multiple format PST, MSG, EML , MBOX, and PDF to easily access AOL email to local drive.

Save AOL emails to computer

Multiple Destination Facility

AOL archive email application provide the option to save AOL emails to computer. It can also export AOL mailbox data to Outlook, Thunderbird, and Window Live Mail.

Delete after download AOL messages

Delete After Downloading

AOL backup utility provides option to Delete data After saving AOL emails to computer so that it can free the space in mailbox to store new incoming emails.

download AOL messages with filters

Selective Download Option

Set Filter option to filter out data according to time and bandwidth. AOL backup tool provides the selecting feature to download only selective data.

Save AOL emails bandwidth

Incremental Backup Settings

Apart from filters option, this tool also provides Incremental Backup option. It helps to skip downloading of previously downloaded emails.

AOL archive emails in multi-languages

Multiple UI Languages

AOL backup tool has multiple user interface languages like Spanish, English, French, Dutch, Japanese etc. to transfer AOL emails in multiple languages.

Original backup AOL mail folders

Download Original Data

AOL Mail backup software download original data with their integrity and makes no difference between original data and download AOL messages to local drive.

AOL Backup Pause and Resume

Pause/Resume Downloading Process

AOL backup application provides Pause/Resume options to secure data and reduce the time to download same items in case of Internet unavailability.

Transfer AOL emails with naming facility

Date Range Based Filter

AOL archive emails to local drive software has Date Range based filters. User can Export AOL mailbox data by giving date range that helps to download data within the date range into local drive.

  • Windows OS : Windows 10 & All below versions of Windows OS.
  • Processor : IntelĀ® Core 2 Duo CPU E4600 @2.39GHz 2.40GHz processor
  • RAM : 4 GB of RAM is recommended
  • Disk Space :100 MB of free hard disk space required

Demo limit – Purchase Transfer AOL emails in multiple format and access AOL email from all version of AOL accounts and also Save 100 first Emails free in demo version.

Customer Reviews

"AOL backup tool support all the version of America online account to access AOL email easily, which reduce my biggest tension to prevent all mail from corruption from old version AOL account. That's all I want from AOL Backup Tool"

Gunesh –Istanbul

"I'm very happy to get this AOL mail migration software because it provides so many feature to download AOL messages with all data like draft, IM chats etc with in multiple format and also maintain their originals status to access AOL email data easily."

Anshita – Lucknow

Necessary Product FAQ's
Yes, you can directly access AOL email data in Pen Data, Flash Drive, Hard Drive and Local Drive etc.
No, there is no such rule, its all upto you to save credentials or not. If you do not want to save your account credentials, then dont select the save credentials options and then your credentials will not be saved in the machine.
Yes, Aol mail migration software can easily transfer AOL emails from previous version 9.7/9.6/9.5/9/8 and below AOL Mail account.
Yes, you can easily move AOL folders in French language. Along with you can even able to backup AOL mail folders in 5 different language i.e. Spanish, English, Dutch, Japanese and Portuguese also.
Yes, you can easily export AOL mailbox data from specific months by using filters option. Filters gives the facility to select time interval from where you want to access AOL email data.
How to Backup?

Learn How to transfer AOL Emails by following Simple Steps

Go to start >> All Programs >> AOL Backup Tool>> Launch the AOL Backup Tool

Aol mail migration software

Select the Language in which you want to transfer AOL Emails, and Fill the Login Credentials to login the AOL archive emails application.

login to move AOL folders

This is the First interface of AOL backup Tool, next select Formats Options i.e. PST, EML, MSG, MBOX, and PDF to move AOL folders to local drive.

move AOL folders in mul-formats

Select the backup Destination Location to save AOL emails to computer at desired existing location. User can access AOL email to local drive as well as move AOL folders in pen drive, USB drive and flash drive.

export aol mailbox to local drive

AOL Mail backup tool has option to"Delete After Download" to delete AOL Mailbox data from server account after moving AOL folders data to local drive.

delete after download AOL messages

AOL backup tool provides Apply Filters option to download only specified data to local drive.

export aol mailbox with filters

Apply filter – Set the time intervals "From" and "To" date to AOL Backup mail folders.

export aol mailbox with filters

Set the Incremental Backup settings to skip the dowloading of previously downoaded email data.

Incremental Backup

After completed all the pre-requirement of AOL backup tool, Click on Start to transfer AOL emails to computer.

start AOL Archive emails process

While downloading AOL messages, it live display the data with their backup Percentage, Current Folder Name, Items Counts, Rate, Destination Folder Path and Status Progress.

AOL archive emails live

At last, pop up window appear in which it display Downloading is complete.

access AOL email process complete